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Lithuanian made snap "Silver-Clack"
USA, Miami
Cute hair snap. Nice size, and very nice color, the snap stay in hair very well. Very fast delivery. ...
Apr 26, 2019
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Lithuanian made clawclip "Mother of Dragons"
Great hair jaw
Great hair jaw, stays in place, my hair doesn't slip out. I got it earlier than expected. Thank you ...
Apr 26, 2019
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Lithuanian Made Pony Tail "Line it up"
USA, New York
Super ponytail!!! Great color for my hair color, and they don't pull my hair out. I will recommend t ...
Apr 25, 2019
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Cute button LT24X24TPII
Hair snap
Very cute hair snap, not too big. I got it earlier than expected.I will buy again. Thanks You.
Apr 25, 2019
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Lithuanian made clawclip "Silver Dream"
USA Florida
I just received this claw clip. Very fast delivery, it took only one week to arrive to Florida. And ...
Apr 25, 2019
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Oct 11, 2017
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Buona sera e buon inizio Ottobre a tutti!
Oct 11, 2017
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Bentornati sul mio blog....
Sep 4, 2017

Pearl earrings with Titanium

Hypoallergenic KOSMART® healthy fashion earrings featuring Swarovski® crystal pearls and TITANIUM metal pin. 

TITANIUM is one of the most commonly used metal in biomedical implants, because of its biocompatibility and thus it was selected to be used in KOSMART® healthy fashion earrings for people, who has very sensitive skin or allergies to nickel jewelry.

All KOSMART Swarovski® pearl earrings comes in pairs (2 pcs.) and includes 2 silicone closures and 2 surgical steel closures. They are all packed in a beautiful KOSMART® box.

You can choose the size of the Swarovski® pearl that is best for you, the range starts with the smallest earrings of 3.00 mm. diameter (XXS size) and goes up to 12.00 mm. diameter (XXL size) if you wish to put a more noticeable accessory. 

All KOSMART® earrings are produced in Europe under strict quality control and care.